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CDC – No ‘smutty’ songs at Junior Carnival

CDC – No ‘smutty’ songs at Junior Carnival


Juniors participating in this year’s Carnival will not be dancing or singing along to music deemed inappropriate by the Carnival Development Corporation (CDC).{{more}}

This was announced at a press conference at the CDC’s office at Victoria Park on Tuesday. Speaking from a statement written by Chairman of the CDC Dennis Ambrose, CEO Ashford Wood stated that the lyrical content of some songs have been described by others as “smutty, vulgar and socially inappropriate.”

“The CDC wishes to register its concern and share the view that the lyrics of some of these renditions are smutty and inappropriate, especially for our young audiences,” Wood said.

Wood added that the CDC intends to instruct the relevant DJs for the junior events to refrain from playing those songs deemed inappropriate. He added that the CDC intends to monitor the situation very closely. Junior events include Junior Carnival, Junior Calypso / Soca Monarch and any other event intended for the younger participants of Vincy Mas.

Also commenting on the issue, Anthony Dennie, also of the CDC, stated that they must be cognizant of the messages sent to young people. He stated that it is not an issue of the CDC is banning or censoring songs. “We don’t have such power,” he said. “It is within our right to ensure that the messages we send to our youngsters are messages that can mould them…” Dennie said.

Also sharing his views on the issue, Hugh Raguette of the Carnival Bands Association stated that his association stands in full support of the CDC’s decision not to play the inappropriate songs at any Junior event. Raguette added that the CBA will not be playing any of the offensive songs which many persons have objected to.

Members of the CDC also took the opportunity to remind adults who may accompany their children to refrain from including themselves in the Junior Carnival Bands.

Raguette stated that the event is one of his favorites as he enjoys seeing the younger ones participate in Mas. He, however, appealed to the adults to allow the Junior masqueraders to enjoy their time playing Mas.

“I want to appeal to persons who feel that they have a right to invade the junior bands, I want to appeal to persons to please desist from this practice.” Raguette said.

Woods also appealed to adults to desist from the practice of participating in the Junior Carnival whether on stage or in the street. He advised parents and guardians to stay on the sidelines and look on attentively while the bands are parading.(OS)