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Hairoun Country Music Karaoke Idol Contest and Dance Finale this Saturday

Hairoun Country Music Karaoke Idol Contest and Dance Finale this Saturday


The Calabash Restaurant and Bar, opposite the Victoria Park, will come alive this Saturday, February 5, at 8:00 p.m., when Next Level Country Music Club hosts the inaugural Grand Finale of the Hairoun Country Music Karaoke Idol Contest and Dance.{{more}}

The event was originally scheduled for December 4, 2010, but had to be postponed.

Nine contestants, namely Aljay Douglas, Todd Samuel, Veron John, Janice Cumberbatch, Kirt Knights, Neroy Sam, Josette Cupid, Rohan Morgan and Shanel Nanton, will be vying for the coveted title.

All had qualified for the Grand Finale, having wrestled their way through three rounds of competition and over 40 competitors. The first round of the contest took place at the Peace Memorial Hall, the second at the Teach Restaurant and Bar, and the third took place at the Country Ranch at Cross Country Radio.

Besides the title, Arden Tannis, a Police Inspector, who has been serving as the President of Next Level Country Music Club since its inception, told SEARCHLIGHT that there will be extra incentives. To this end, he said, the best dressed couple in country outfits will receive a prize, as well as the karaoke house with the most persons in attendance.

“This is a show that country lovers cannot afford to miss. The whole idea is to help to promote country music,” said Tannis.

“The aim is to present country music as an alternative to other genres of music that we have.Certain music engenders certain things,” Tannis stated.

The contestants will be judged under the following four criteria: Crowd Response, Vocal Ability, Appearance and General Talent Shown.

“Of the nine contestants, the one accumulating the most points from two rounds of singing will shine as the country star of the night and will be awarded the converted title of the Next Level Hairoun Country Music Karaoke Idol 2010,” said Tannis.

Patrons are promised that they will hear their favourite country songs, to which they can sing along. The Country Relatives will be in attendance to provide music for dancers.