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Dawson breathes new life into arts, entertainment

Dawson breathes new life into arts, entertainment


A young businessman is attempting to make a name for himself by providing the masses with a different form of entertainment.{{more}}

Dawson Lewis, Manager of Choice Meats Ltd., has introduced the event ‘Underground’, at which locals who are interested in the Arts can display their talents.

Lewis, who began the venture in September 2010, said: “It’s a place where anyone who has interest in the Arts… can come and have a place… to share whatever they have in their hearts, and show their talent!”

“The name [Underground]is just bigging up the talent that’s hidden – whether it’s written, spoken or musical,” said Lewis.

Lewis said that SVG has become over-saturated with dancehall music and culture that comes out of Jamaica, and there are many who want a more varied entertainment scene.

“We appreciate all types of music, but sometimes we get bombarded with one type of entertainment,” he said.

“The timing was just right… people were hungry for something like this – something different.”

Lewis said that the event, which is held on the first and third Thursday of each month, at Rush Nightclub, from 7 p.m., is experiencing growth in its patronage, as well as interest from people who have something to share.

So far, ‘Underground’ has featured original poetry, art exhibitions and live music.

Local artist Lennox ‘Dinks’ Johnson and Peter Providence have exhibited paintings; and, at the last event, talented jazz band Impac had the audience grooving and singing along to classics, such Sade’s ‘Sweetest Taboo’ and Minnie Ripperton’s ‘Loving You is Easy Cause You’re Beautiful’.

Lewis’s event occupies the vacancy left when a previous Thursday evening event was discontinued. He said that he had enquired of the night club’s former manager what was going to fill the space, and was told that there were no immediate plans. On an impulse, he told the manager that he wanted the spot.

“I had no clue, when I said that, what I had in mind!” recalled Lewis, a Calder resident.

He said that he borrowed the concept from an event he had been involved with while attending university in the United States.

Lewis, who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, encouraged the public to come out to the next event, which is scheduled for January 20.

“Don’t knock it before you try it! It is different,” he promised.

“You’re going to leave here… fully entertained. You’re going to be happy that you came.”

Lewis revealed that he is planning to host a fund-raising party, which will feature a live band playing all night, and a showcase of the most regular contributors on a grander scale.

“This is just a part of the bigger picture. I look at Underground as a pipe-line… that will feed into something much bigger,” he said.

Lewis explained that he has plans to create a company called Creative Entertainment that will look at ways in which they can help to package and promote local artistes.

“We hope to create a buzz, and that [more] people start taking notice.”