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Touchdown Dancerz takes the top spot in SVG Fun Fest dance Finals

Touchdown Dancerz takes the top spot in SVG Fun Fest dance Finals


The members of Touchdown Dancerz are basking in their moment of glory after winning the dance competition segment in last Friday’s SVG Fun Fest finals.{{more}}

On December 31, Touchdown Dancerz had the edge over Lynx Dancers, Unknown Squad, Gully Dancers, Close Fit Squad and Diversity Dancers, and suitably impressed the judges to take the award.

The final was set up for the top two dance groups to square off against each other, but because of delays caused by inclement weather this did not take place – giving Touchdown Dancerz the top spot in this championship.

Group member Steve Thomas told SEARCHLIGHT that the members of Touchdown are elated to have won yet another dance competition in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

The group comprising Steve Thomas, Aaron Thomas, Keithlin Alexander, Okkito Butler, Obranson Matthias and Tyson Gerald has been making a name for themselves for some time now.

They copped the ‘Champion of Champions’ dance title in their native South Rivers and were awarded the ‘Most Outstanding Hip Hop Dance Group’ in last year’s National Dance Festival.

But the team is looking for more, and, according to Thomas, will not be stopping until they have made a name for themselves on the regional and international scene.

“We would like to be the top dance group in the country,” Thomas said.

“We want to push ourselves real far. We are just waiting for the opportunity.”

Success does not come easy, however, Thomas contended, as he outlined the group’s usual schedule ahead of competitions.

The 21-year-old told SEARCHLIGHT that the group practiced every day leading up to last Friday’s performance; sometimes they would go on well into the night. During ‘off times’, the group would usually come together about three times a week.

And what about the concept of innovation to ensure that their routines remain fresh? Thomas boasted that coming up with new dance moves was “something that comes naturally”.

New dance moves are inspired after listening to the music, he added. As the group looks forward to the future, Thomas thanked all those who supported him and his team throughout the years.

He singled out Gail Campbell for his contribution to making the group a success with the production of his top quality sounds.(DD)