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‘DJ Nicholas’ rocks Victoria Park

‘DJ Nicholas’ rocks Victoria Park


by Denika Compton 12.NOV.10

Gospel artiste Nicholas “Dj Nicholas” Eccleston brought Victoria Park to life for Jesus on Saturday, November 6, in a show which had been highly anticipated.{{more}}

Gospel Gems, the organizers of the concert, in association with Total Inspiration 100.5 and Twylite Enterprises, held the concert under the theme “One Accord”.

The night also saw the launch of the newest gospel band in St.Vincent – “Gospel Gems”. The band consists of persons from various religious denominations on the island. Gospel Gems gave of their best, realising that first impressions are lasting. In a series of songs, they won the nod and approval of the members of the audience who now expect even greater things to come.

DJ Nicholas, the featured international guest artiste, was preceded by his co-performer Kevin Smith, who set the pace for what was to come. Jamaican born and bred DJ Nicholas, in sharing his testimony, said that he was a devoted rasta, after being exposed to the Rastafarian religion at an early age. He also gave some insight into his life while in that religion. He said that he stopped trimming his hair, and the only part of the Bible that was of interest to him was the Psalms; this was because of his belief that the white man had tampered with the Bible.

Nicholas said that he thought his own righteousness could have saved him, up until the day he encountered Acts 4:12, which says that neither is there salvation in any other, for there is none other name under Heaven given among men whereby we must be saved. According to Nicholas, that led to his true salvation ten years ago. After such a touching testimony, many persons also surrendered their lives to God.

The Jamaican artiste told the audience that although his way of ministering and his type of music may be criticized, he knows that God is getting the glory. He said that after being brought up in Jamaica where Reggae is the most dominant music genre, he is not about to just let Satan take it over, but he will use this genre in a positive way to reach the majority of the people for Christ. One of his aims, he said, is to get Non-Christian Jamaican artistes like Kartel, Movado and others to change their lives and start singing for Jesus.

The dynamic artiste urged the young people to “cut off” whatever is distracting them from fulfilling their true God-given purpose. These distractions, he said, may be in the form of Facebook, Cable, or cellphones, amongst others. Coming to the closing of the show, Dj Nicholas led the excited group of people, both young and old, in a series of worship and dance items. A prayer was also made for the youths of the nation.

Performances were also given by other local bands and artistes, including Fidel Taylor and the New Generation Gospel band, Voices of Victory, Eternity, Diadem Dancers, all of whom created the atmosphere for worship.

In an interview with SEARCHLIGHT, Eccleston said that his short 3-day visit to St.Vincent was a blessing. He said: “The people are beautiful. The island is beautiful. We love the young people. They are energetic and they are receptive, so I love that.”

He also commended Vincentian cuisine and said although the food is different, he likes it. Eccleston said that it is a joy to him to see so many young people serving God. What stood out most to him, he said, is the fact that usually, he sees mostly women in the Church, but he saw a lot of young men there as well, and that is really encouraging.

The show was deemed a success by the organizers and persons present, with some calling for a repeat.