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Music group brings positive message to the streets

Music group brings positive message to the streets


With their latest release ‘In The Streets’ currently receiving heavy rotation on local radio stations, members of local dancehall group Rocks Empire, say that they are out to make a difference in their community through music.{{more}}

“When you take the music seriously, you won’t have the desire to get involved in anything else,” says manager of the group Curtis ‘Ranks’ Wright.

“Music is the aim and we just want to take it to a higher level.”

Wright, who is also a producer, told Searchlight in an interview that his group will be using the music to push positive messages as much as possible.

He was accompanied by Lenford Mornix the member known as Cza.

The other main members are Duss and Lyrics.

Wright indicated that there are other up and coming members who will be exposed to the public soon.

The group, which was featured on a number of local shows and events, including the 2009 CANFEST show, Black Rhyno and Dance Warz, among others, is expected to be featured on the upcoming Aidonia concert, scheduled for the independence weekend.

With the artistes hailing from the Rocks community in Redemption Sharpes, the artistes say that great things can be expected from the group.

“We will be working on the In the Streets video and a medley video tribute to Ezron ‘Banks’ Ells, a member who was murdered in June this year,” said Mornix.

The members used the opportunity to stress that the June 18 killing of Ells was not related to their musical mission.

“Yes, we had a lyrical exchange with another group, but the killing of our friend was not related to the music. That was a totally separate incident.”

Wright said that the group, which has been in existence for the just about three years, will be doing their best to remain focused on the music and do what is necessary to take the group to higher heights, while putting the community on the map in a positive way.

“We are trying to paint a different picture of the community with the music. There is more to Sharpes than just violence. The sky is the limit.”

The group and their productions may be found on Facebook and Youtube.(JJ)