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Artistes delighted to be honoured

Artistes delighted to be honoured

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Never in their wildest dreams did they expect to be recognized for doing something that they enjoyed{{more}} after all these years.

The honour bestowed on Cyril ‘Scorcher’ Thomas and Winston Soso by the Sion Hill community in which both men grew up and spent most of their early years was considered the greatest accolade that they could have received.

The ceremony/ back in time party at the Aquatic Club last Friday saw residents of the Sion Hill community as well as well wishers turn out in their numbers to a show that brought back some nostalgia to both honorees and had them gushing with pride.

“I am happy. I am thankful,” Winston Soso, the man hailed as the Rolls Royce of Calypso, beamed. “I really appreciate Sion Hill community for doing this and I got to thank them and thank all the people that came out to support tonight. I want to thank the whole of St. Vincent and the Grenadines for the support that they have been giving me over the years.”

“I think this means the most to me,” said Thomas. “When your country or community gives you accolades you feel good, you feel blessed. This is from Sion Hill and my peers and those who don’t know me come out to say ‘thanks for a job well done.’”

Their musical careers have spanned decades and genres; from Scorcher’s early beginnings as a calypsonian in the sixties, to Soso’s soulful style of the seventies, both men evolved into the soca stars of the eighties and nineties, with their music paving the way for what we have now in the 21st century.

The men, who were a part of the All Stars show, which was the front runner for Carnival’s highest attended event: Soca Monarch competition, believe that the soca art form has come a long way from when they were in their prime.

The singers think that the future of this country’s music is in good hands and offered some word of advice and encouragement to the artistes who now hold the soca baton.

According to Soso: “We have come a long way. I would advise the youngsters to stay with it – don’t just do it for doing it sake. Put your heart and soul in it and give it your all.”

“It’s not going to happen overnight ‘cause we have struggled over the years. It hasn’t been an easy road. There’s been good and bad times but we stuck in there and stuck together.”

“I am so proud of what I am hearing. We have been climbing the soca ladder over the years… give God thanks for strength and talent, respect yourself and others, but most of all be humble.”

Scorcher says: “If they want to be progressive and have their music played for years after they have already sung them, they have to have some difference… they have to divert, they can’t give people the same music with different words… that’s what separates the sheep from the goats.”

The men indicated that they intend to be making music and performing as long as they are able to “jump around and put their voices to a microphone”.

Another veteran who has already been honored and celebrated the men’s occasion with them was Alston ‘Becket’ Cyrus.

Cyrus joined with the many others to congratulate them for reaching their milestone, but, however, lamented that the occasion was not on a larger scale.

“These guys are great. I will do anything for them. I think this should have been a national event where everybody comes into the (Victoria) Park, but this is well deserved for these guys,” Becket said. (JJ)