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Soso and Scorcher Honoured

Soso and Scorcher  Honoured


The homage paid to two of this country’s most recognizable international performing artistes is just the beginning.{{more}}

At last weekend’s honoring of Winston Soso and Cyril ‘Scorcher’ Thomas, member of the committee which organized the ceremony, David ‘Darkie’ Williams indicated that more tributes are to follow for other members of the Sion Hill community.

Williams said that over the years, the community has produced national figures and many of them have not been recognized for their contributions; but this is about to change.

He said that the honoring of Soso and Thomas was the first of many which are to follow, and will also include sports personalities, persons who excel in academics, politicians and others.

But last Friday July 9, the spotlight shone on the two veteran artistes, who were lauded for their longevity as well as the string of hits that were recorded by them.

From the citations read by Williams, the droves of members of the Sion Hill community who were joined by other Vincentians and well wishers learned that the artistes got their start in the entertainment industry at very young ages – Soso singing soul music and Thomas in the calypso genre.

According to the citation, a young Thomas was almost expelled from secondary school in 1964 for his participation in the national calypso competition, while Soso’s transition from soul to calypso was rewarded in 1978 with a second place position.

Over the years, the singers honed their singing skills then graduated to the soca arena, where they produced hit after hit.

From Soso, who is often referred to as ‘The Rolls Royce of Calypso’ came forth classics such as ‘Pan Yard’, ‘I Doh Mind’, ‘Come Leh We Go In The Back and Fool Around’, ‘Big Bottom’, ‘Ah Feel To Party Tonight’ and many others.

Hits produced by Scorcher include ‘Wake Up The Party’, ‘Fork Up the Beaches’ ‘East 95th Street’, and the ever popular ‘Part Fever’ which was a hit here at home and in the region for years.

The two North America based performers were rewarded with plaques for their contribution to their communities and the art form, and expressed gratitude to the organizers and all those who turned out to be a part of the celebration.

The artistes in turn rewarded those in attendance by performing some of their classics much to the patrons’ delight.

Other performances on the night came from veteran calypsonian the Imitator, as well as Sulle, Lexi, Pat Ralph and another veteran who came out to support his peers – Becket.(JJ)