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Fanatics sweep table at J’Ouvert

Fanatics sweep table at J’Ouvert


J’Ouvert Fanatics seem never to run out of amusing ways of portraying topical issues in this country.{{more}}

So it comes as no surprise that they were once again crowned Kings of J’Ouvert for Vincy Mas 2010.

At the J’Ouvert competition held on Monday, July 5, in front of the Kingstown vegetable market, J’Ouvert Fanatics’ presentations: “B P Oil Spill”, Cess 4 West”, “Pilot Benefits”, allowed them to make a clean sweep of the top three positions en route to being crowned champion.

In nabbing the Queen of the Bands title, they portrayed “Lady Me Shell Obama”, “Lady in D Pencil Foot Pants” and “Dem Ban Arm Knee Saw Bop Teas”.

The group also made a clean sweep of the individuals section when they portrayed, “Salt Fish”, “New Role 4 The COP”, and “Ah Going 9 Morning”. The dynamic group also won first and second position in the groups section. The band: “From the TV” took the third position.

The Couples Section was also won by J’Ouvert Fanatics.

They also grabbed the first position for the Traditional bands with their portrayal “Look, Learn and Laugh”.

Green Hill came in second place with “The Ah Fears”.

For the Painted Bands, Country Meets Town were adjudged winners.