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D.J Mini-me wins 5th Heineken Green Synergy D.J Competition

D.J Mini-me wins 5th Heineken Green Synergy D.J Competition


D.J Mini-me won the fifth preliminary round of the Heineken Green Synergy D.J Competition, held on Sunday at the Pirates Cave at Lowman’s Bay.{{more}}

Six D.Js registered to participate in the competition, and D.J. Mini-me and D.J Ever Hype emerged victorious to enter into the second round of the competition. Cheered by an appreciative audience, D.J Mini-me used all of his versatility, skills in music selection and cross over mixing to defeat D.J Ever Hype in unarguably the best sound clash so far of the Heineken Green Synergy D.J competition.

D.J Mini-me a.k.a Shayne Alexander, a 20-year-old of Chauncey Village, said: “I have been a D.J. now for 8 years and this is the opportunity that I have been waiting for – a chance to showcase my talent in front of an appreciative audience”. “It’s an honour to take part in the Heineken Green Synergy Competition, and I am really impressed with the level of professionalism in which the competitors compete”.

DJ Mini-me now joins D.J Specialist, D.J Slick, D.J Spoon, and D.J Nappy, along with defending champion D.J Kal in the finals, and awaits two more opponents who will vie to be named champion of the 2009 Heineken Green Synergy D.J Clash. The winner will take home $5,000 and have the privilege of representing SVG at the Finals in St.Maarten with a chance of winning US$10,000 there.

Heineken is the world’s largest export beer and is marketed by the St.Vincent Brewery Limited.