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Revelers survive soca swing

Revelers survive soca swing


In what may be a prelude of the insanity to come, thousands of persons converged on the Victoria Park to see who would be the last person standing at the end of the 2009 edition of Soca Swing.{{more}}

Apart from a few ‘fallen soldiers’ on the wayside, most persons were still left standing with extra energy as the final artiste left the stage, in what is usually called a warm up for the highly anticipated Soca Monarch Competition.

Last Sunday’s event featured the bands HS Phaktor and Alliance, and saw the usual a number of new comers to the show gracing the stage, including Elegance, Oscar and Recka, performing their 2009 releases.

Veteran artistes, Bomani, Shaunelle Mckenzie, Icon, Demus, Skarpyon and others did their part to keep the extra hyped crowd in a frenzied mood.

But it was the appearance of the of the LIME Vincy Soca Dans artistes Luta, Jamesy P, Katylist and especially multiple soca monarch Fireman Hooper, and reigning soca monarch Skinny Fabulous who turned up the heat with their crowd motivation, commands and waves of songs past and present.

The HITZ 103.7 organized event, in its 8th year, has cemented its place on the carnival calendar, as one of the many events geared to prepare Vincentians and visitors for Vincy Mas year in, year out.(JJ)