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LIME’s massive launch rocks Heritage Square

LIME’s massive launch rocks Heritage Square

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LIME continued to spice up Vincy Mas when it launched its Carnival package at Heritage Square last Friday. The show was attended by thousands of Carnival revelers and from all reports they had a ball.{{more}}

The night began with the rendition of the National Anthem and followed by speeches from LIME Country Manager Angus Steele, Chief Executive Officer of CDC Ashford Wood and Minister of Culture Honorable Rene Baptiste.

Minister Baptiste entered the stage to the sound of Beckets’ “Vincy Mas Ah Tell you”, and sang her own lyrics like a true Calypso Diva. She lauded LIME for its commitment to the development of Vincy Mas and in particular with the exposure through the internet and the general partnership with the CDC. “LIME is streaming this show live on the internet for all in the Diaspora to see what is happening in St.Vincent and the Grenadines. LIME is also spearheading the move to bring Toronto LIME here to expose Vincy Mas to the world through the internet,” commented Minister Baptiste.

CEO of the CDC Ashford Wood was ecstatic with the turn out and asked the audience to uphold the No Bottle Policy and asked the vendors to serve drinks in cups rather than glass bottles. “One displeasing aspect of tonight is to see vendors selling drinks in glass bottles. We have much to celebrate tonight and LIME undoubtedly is an excellent partner with the CDC and I hope that LIME will be around as a sponsor for many years in the future”, said Wood.

Country Manager of LIME, Angus Steele, was in a joyous mood and welcomed the large crowd. His announcement of LIME’s commitment to Vincy Mas with a spend of over $300,000 in this year brought ripples of applause. But when he announced that the event was being streamed live on the Internet, the news spread like wild fire and saw hundreds of hits to the site in a short period of time. “LIME will be streaming all the major shows live on the Internet for Vincy Mas coupled with the presence of Toronto Lime will add to the exposure of this rich cultural experience called Vincy Mas, the Hottest Carnival in the Caribbean”, said Steele.

The show saw performances from this country’s premiere musical band, Hott Sand supported in the front line by artistes such as Sixx, Johnny Rebel, Gideon James and Icon. The highlight of the night was the performance from the LIME Vincy Soca Dans. Jamesy P “batted” first for the Vincy Soca Dans and by the time he was finished, his “Sugar Pan” had overflowed into the large crowd as they “Shaked” to Luta’s “Rumbo”. Special guest from Barbados, Catalyst teamed up with Luta and “Made the crowd go off” as she rendered her song “Make me go off”. Tabia, the only female member of the Soca Dans with her big hit for this year “Own Man”, not sure if she was giving a hint, was well received.

By this time the audience was well set for the entry of Fireman Hooper, six times Soca Monarch Champ in SVG. And Fireman didn’t disappoint. The crowd was in a usual frenzy during his energetic performance. They literally ate out of his hands as they did everything he asked of them. Truly a remarkable performance and a great show from all on Friday.