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Dynamites coming home strong for Vincy Mas 2009

Dynamites coming home strong for Vincy Mas 2009



by Maxwell Haywood

The big question now among Vincentians in New York is who will be selected from the New York-based Dynamite Calypso Tent to perform in the semifinals of the National Calypso Monarch Competition slated for Victoria Park, Friday June 19, 2009.{{more}}

On Saturday, May 29th, 2009, several calypsonians gave outstanding performances at the Café Omar in Brooklyn in front of a full house.

According to Franklin “Super Dex” Richards, President of the Dynamite Calypso Tent, “The Dynamites are taking it to another level, and we expect that many of our artistes in the Tent will make it to the Semi-finals and Finals of the National Calypso Monarch show.”

However, Hassan Kennedy, President of the SVG Calypso Association, who traveled from SVG to attend the show, indicated that there are “forces of darkness”, which are trying to kill the calypso art form and warned the people to be alert to these threats.

The calypsonians were quick to answer Kennedy’s plea. Several of the calypsonians reflected on the challenge the nation faces to reclaim its cultural heritage and history — in other words to come home to the real positive culture that makes SVG a resilient nation. Groovy D, formerly known as Dread Condition, dressed like a clown, presented a passionate defense of calypso, sternly demanding that calypsonians be “Treated with Dignity”. D Man Age, in a soulful and heart-satisfying rendition entitled “Draggie”, recalled the important cultural work done by that humble national servant and called on all Vincentians to remember him in all their efforts and initiatives for carnival. He received a warm reception from the fans.

Dennis Bowman, in fine style, followed up last year’s performance with another excellent delivery of his song. He too reminded SVG of their Heroes who have selflessly served the nation and confidently asserted that there are “More Heroes Than One”. He got a resounding response from the fans, who soaked up his lyrics as if they were dying of thirst and were given a cool drink of water.

In what could be considered the performance of the night, Rejector got a thunderous response from the audience when he called on Vincentians to “Take Back the Slum” from the criminals so it could regain its pride and prestige based on the good vibes that was once present in that community. The people answered him positively with an unambiguous yes, as was evident in the roaring approval they gave to his call to take it back.

Another artiste who highlighted the “take back” theme was the veteran and much loved Calypsonian, Exposer. He militantly called on all Vincentians who want to join a gang to come into his gang and “Let We Gang Up” to take back SVG from the criminals who are bent on destroying SVG.

Building on the theme of cultural heritage, Super Dex in his “Open Letter” highlighted the important and integral role of calypsonians as the voice of the masses of people. He consistently, in his song, reminded that calypsonians and not politicians are the real political leaders who always defend the interests of the people. When it was his time, John “D Truth” Dougan gave a spanking to the leaders in the Caribbean who are taking the people for a dry ride around “Caribbean Unity”. And in his song “Be Blessed”, The Reverend delivered a spirited performance in which he warned the nation to know that who God bless no man curse.

The Dynamites also had soca releases for Vincy Mas 2009. They heated up the fans by continuing where the calypsonians left off. Fabulous T, always an energetic and powerful performer, delivered to the fans delight with his song “When They See Me”.

Striker is not afraid of the “Carnival Fever”, and proclaimed he has that feeling of a carnival fever and intends to make it worse by having more fun for carnival. Pufty declared “I ain’t Sharing It” with no other woman. Bob MC who seems to be increasingly finding his soca form for this year announced, in his song “We Leaving”, his intention to be more than ready for carnival 2009. Coyaba wanted the women in the party to know that “I ain’t looking” for a wife even if he is jamming in the carnival party and dancing with the women. Jakie, a consistent soca artiste, beckoned the fans to “Hurry Hurry” and come to the party.

As in the past years, the Dynamite Calypso Tent was in more heat as guest performers continued the celebration of the carnival culture. The fans got their full money’s worth from guest artistes Winston Soso; Beckett, who was honored by the Dynamite Tent for his outstanding contributions to Vincy culture; Scorcher; and Val Adams who represented the Grenadian House of Fire Calypso Tent based in New York.

Lambert and The Matadors Band provided the music for the Calypsonians and Soca Artistes, and the MCs for the show were Benneth Straker, and Soca Jones. The show was sponsored by Standard Shippers and Blak Shuga Graphix.