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I’m ready for Mas again, no problem!

I’m ready for Mas again, no problem!


After taking the country’s road march title on his first time out, and placing third in the soca monarch title in year two, international soca artiste Problem Child is warning that in 2009, ‘It’s going to be a serious problem!’{{more}}

With songs like ‘Rude n Freaky’, ‘Everything’, ‘Madhouse’ and the heavily rotated ‘Yo Woman Buttin’ me’, already creating a stir at home, the New York based singer says that he intends to stand out this year among the other performers, in what is being hailed as one of the most competitive seasons in years.

“I tried to stray away from the norm, so my concepts are a bit different this year. You can expect better sounding, quality music.”

Problem, whose real name is Shertz James, indicated that due to the urging of his fans here and abroad, he intends to compete again in the soca monarch competition, in which he hopes to do better, this time around.

He also has his mind on the road march title, with his collaboration with Parry Jack and Fryktion.

“After placing third in the soca monarch last year on my first try, I think I will give it another go. I think if I make it to the finals, that might be better for the overall standard of the competition.”

“I gave myself a verse on the song to sing (Yo woman buttin’ me) so that if I end up with another road march contender, I’d be in the mix one way or the other.”

James indicated that he is looking forward to a busy Carnival season this year. He said that he had more time to focus on his 2009 offerings, since last year was not as busy as 2007.

The extra energetic performer, who took the world by storm two years ago, claims that he is 95 per cent ready for Vincy Mas, and is looking forward to the usual support from friends and fans when he touches down in a few weeks time.

He said that he hopes his fans are prepared to become party animals ‘for life.’(JJ)