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Get ready for the ‘Hottest Carnival’

Get ready for the ‘Hottest Carnival’


“Get Ready To Be Obsessed!”

So says Alvern Cadougan, Secretary of the Carnival Bands Association, as the organization launched ‘Mas on the move -Obsession’, on Wednesday, May 13th, 2009.{{more}}

Cadougan told the media at a press conference that this event slated for Monday, June 29th, 2009, is billed to be the hottest show in Vincy Mas 2009.

Cadougan said the keenly contested Sections from the Bands Competition, commonly known as Night Mas, will this year, include 12 competing Mas Bands. Originally, this competition was part of the Miss Carival programme. Cadougan noted that the CBA also hopes to attract the hottest local and regional entertainers to mezmerise the patrons.

On Wednesday, May 13th, 2009, Fair Trade presented the CBA with sponsorship of EC$4,000 to assist with the staging of the show, while the St.Vincent Brewery Limited gave its commitment to announce the total value of its sponsorship later this month.

CEO of the Carnival Development Corporation Ashford Wood explained that the decision this year to separate the Mas competition from the Miss Carival show is in keeping with the CDC’s 2008 promise to make some changes to Vincy Mas.

“We were no longer going to bore our patrons with those long shows and we were definitely moving towards the improvement of the content,” said Woods.

In a statement to the media, Hugh Raguette, Chairman of the CBA, said his organization wishes to make an appeal to members of the corporate sector who have not yet come on board to do so.

Raguette also appealed to all masqueraders to register early this year in order to avoid the last minute rush of registration. The Chairman said the CBA wishes to have the bands earlier at Victoria Park this year than the previous year.

“We call upon masqueradors to cooperate with the management of all the Mas camps by turning up at each Mas camp early on July 7, 2009, Mardi Gras Day, so that we can get an earlier start and that masqueraders could have more time to enjoy themselves parading around Kingstown,” said Raguette, as he encouraged all masqueraders to get to their respective Mas camps at 8 a.m.

Raguette said efforts will be made to get the police to partner with the CBA to ensure that masqueraders can be left to parade the streets without interference. He reminded everyone to comply with the new legislation called the Carnival Parade of Costume Bands Regulations 2008.

He said his committee will be meeting with the police to ensure this legislation is applied in full for Carnival 2009.(HN)