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Shemeika Matthews grabs Miss Unity Youth crown

Shemeika Matthews grabs Miss Unity Youth crown


An evening of fun, laughter, some good performances, and some not so good ones – that was the Miss Unity Youths Beauty Pageant!{{more}}

A large crowd packed the Aquatic Club, including several government ministers, to take in the event which was organized by the youth arm of the Unity Labour Party (ULP).

But when the results were announced and 20-year-old Shemeika Matthews of Belair walked away with the crown, some displeased patrons, behaved disgracefully and spoilt the pleasant atmosphere.

The loud boos, shouting, cussing and even kicking of a couple chairs started when the fourth place finisher, Nikesah Saunders, was announced.

Many thought that she had won or placed higher after she was announced winner of both the talent and interview segments.

The eventual winner won the evening gown segment, while Danielle Audain, who represented the Southern Grenadines, copped the best sports wear honour with her portrayal of a boxer, even dramatizing being knocked out.

Saunders, who represented East Kingstown, also won the people’s choice award, having received the most support in a call in poll which was hosted by Star Radio leading up to the show.

Saunders, obviously thinking that she had a very good chance at winning the title was visibly disappointed and quite frankly, angry at the results, and took a few extra seconds to take the fourth place trophy when it was presented to her.

SEARCHLIGHT spoke to one of the show’s three judges who said that the attitude of the patrons reflected a lack of knowledge about how a pageant is won.

“In every category, she (Shemeika Matthews) was consistent, and in the evening gown she was way out front,” the judge, who wished to remain anonymous, told SEARCHLIGHT.

The judge said that in the three categories that Shemeika Matthews didn’t win, she was right up there with the winners.

“Consistency is what wins pageants. You can win a pageant and not win any of the categories,” she further explained.

It was unfortunate that Matthews’ time to shine was overshadowed by this type of behaviour and the insults that were hurdled at her.

“It is not about crowds. It is about the judges. I worked hard and I deserved to win,” she told SEARCHLIGHT right after posing for pictures.

She told SEARCHLIGHT that she was overjoyed and announced her intention to take her talent and beauty to the Miss SVG show in the future.

The other individual winners were Miss East St George, Kimberly Fisher, and Miss North Central Windward Liceie Prescod, who won the Miss Congeniality and Miss Photogenic, respectively.

Stacy Ballantyne, Miss North Leeward, came in third, and second place went to Afesha Matthews, who represented South Leeward.

Faylisa Jackson, Amanda Vincent and Aproditis Russell of Central Kingstown, Central Leeward and West Kingstown, respectively, were the other participants.