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Ahdrenalin a great start to Vincy Mas

Ahdrenalin a great start to Vincy Mas



Wow, What a start! Ahdrenalin Mas 2008. Ahrora Borealis – they were a vision of colour. If this was the start looks like, just imagine Vincy Mas 2009!

Ahdrenalin was early. They arrived at the Victoria Park first for Kiddies Carnival and for Mardi Gras; even before the officials were ready for the parade of bands. More bands should emulate them.{{more}}

The costumes displayed by Ahdrenalin truly depicted their theme. They were colourful and comfortable. Innovative use of textiles and design for greater flexibility did not compromise their beauty. Bursts of brightly shaded colours and modern styles were evident as masqueraders partied down the streets of Kingstown. Ahdrenalin Mas has truly brought a fresh look to Vincy Mas in the way they created built and displayed their costumes! Without any doubt, Ahdrenalin Mas was the “sexy band” of the Season!

Ahdrenalin promised “the ultimate party experience” to its masqueraders and they delivered that and more. The Adrenalin Junkies played mas in a fun filled atmosphere.

The Ahdrenalin Junkies attest to having had a great time. No complaints about food. They had breakfast, lunch and drinks galore. They were treated as true Carnival Royalty from the beginning to end. The sweet sounds of soca belted from the truck including guest artist “Blakey”, with his rendition of “No Mo Long Talk.”

Those other bands better watch out for 2009, because Ahdrenalin Mas is indeed a force to be reckoned with!

No discussion…Ahdrenalin made a good presentation especially for a first time; it no doubt surpassed some people’s expectations. Had Ahdrenalin been allowed to compete, would they have won? Now, I don’t want to answer that. (Contributed)