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‘Blakey’ graduates to calypso tent

‘Blakey’ graduates to calypso tent



The “Graduates” Calypso Tent says it will feature popular Artiste Vincent “Blakey” Cuffy in it calypso line up for the 2008 preliminary judging show.{{more}}

The artiste, who has now been featured on almost all of the popular shows and who is now being criticised for his song, “No more long talk”, is part of the Graduates Calypso tent 25th anniversary preliminary show dubbed Judgement day!

Blakie will select one song from his three social commentaries released this year. His three new releases include “Tourism is in the Air” and “The Vat” and the very popular “Rape case”.

The graduates say that they have been disappointed, that up until now, only one radio station has seen it fit to record and play Blakey’s more positive songs. Rather they have chosen to over play his “No mo long talk” a song more suited for the tents and adult entertainment shows, the release says.

The management of the graduates says that while it has listened to the discussion on the controversial song, it has refused to comment as it is the same media which pushes the controversial song on one hand and chooses not show the positive contribution that he is making on the other hand.

The tent is calling on all those who wish to see a positive change for Blakey to support him in his “calypso come back”. The tent is also asking his supporters and well wishers to come out in their numbers in a show of love and support for and artist who is making an effort to create an upset in his come back.

“We are indeed positive that what Blakey needs more than ever is support… his family, the media, his fans, the members of the “Graduates” and “Alliance” and the general support of the public and positive guidance of his critics. The tent is confident that with good support Blakey is destined for the “Big yard”.

The show tomorrow night at the Victoria Park will also pay respect to Princess Monique who won the queen of calypso competition this year in Trinidad after failing to make the finals of the calypso competition here last year. Princess Monique and veteran Glenroy “Sulle” Caesar (2008 new song Monarch) are said to be strong contenders for the crown this year.

The Graduates cast includes newcomer Philicia, Sulle, Nzimbu, Defoe, Tajo, Wassy, Nzimbu, Stingin-nettle, Johnny P, Black Messenger, Sweet sixteen, Lil Bit, Rasum, Lava Guy, Bump-I, Gumsy, Lexy, Stingin-nettle, Tump-I, Ras-X (out of new York) the Ring Tone man and Bunny Rebel. The tent action will also feature the band Akcess and is scheduled to start at 8:30 pm on Saturday night. The tent is being sponsored by BMC Agencies and Amerijet, Hairoun and Coreas Food Division.