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Five to vie for the crown of Miss East St. George

Five to vie for the crown of Miss East St. George


Another rural carnival is set to kick off this evening, with the soca monarch semifinals and wet fete of the East St. George Carnival.{{more}}

The four-day calendar of events will see eight artistes vying for a place in the soca finals, which will take place on Friday, 13th June.

The four finalists will be selected from Leon “Deportee” Simon, 15-year-old Faylicia “Say Say” John, Winston “Iston” Lewis, Dean “Deano Bantan” James, Dexter “Sad” McCree, Robert “Stamina” Boyea, Delbert “Mallato” Johnny and Glenford “Nagga” Ashton.

The soca finals, the newest addition to the carnival season, will take place on the same night as the calypso finals and queen show, and will be held at the Calliaqua Hard Court.

The calypso finals will feature defending champion “Chico B” trying to retain his title against past monarch “GC”, “Trump I”, “The Man Sachy”, “Stranger”, and “Iston”.

Reigning Miss East St. George Asmara Whiskey will make her final walk, as Miss Ratho Mill, Natasha Layne, Miss Glen, Monel Charles, Nateisha Fraser, Miss Golden Vale, Miss Calliaqua, Timora Peters and Allana Kydd, Miss Villa contest the Miss East St. George Crown.

Following the competitions, the J’Ouvert and street party will begin at 5am and 3pm, respectively.

The parade will begin at the Calliaqua main road, through Glen and Villa.

The East St. George Carnival season comes to an end on Sunday, June 15th, with the Kiddies Carnival.

It begins at 3pm at the Culture Pot Square.