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Vincentians in New York launch Vincy Mas 2008

Vincentians in New York launch Vincy Mas 2008


by Maxwell Haywood 09.MAY.08

Vincentians in New York got a taste of what is to come from New York based Vincentian Calypso and Soca artistes for Vincy Mas 2008.{{more}}

The carnival season got a boost when Vincentians living in New York launched Vincy Mas on May 3, 2008, in Brooklyn, at Red Bress Restaurant. It was organized by Level Vibes led by Ainsley Primus.

Rhythm Sensation band entertained the fans who turned out despite the unpredictable weather conditions.

The event featured artistes, who also competed for the Soca Devil Best Song Trophy. Performances came from Sesco, Red Roots, Finesac, Groovy D, I-Madd, Jakie, Browser, Ras X, Curtis C, Smooth On, Striker, Phil Pat, Fish, Bob MC, Philly Dilly, and Lively.

In the end, Striker won the Soca Devil Best New Song Trophy with his song “One shot”.

Vincy Mas 2008 in New York continues, when on May 16th, 2008, the Dynamite Calypso Tent will present itself to the public for their first show for Vincy Mas 2008. On June 6th, Calypsonians of the Dynamite Tent will perform before judges who will select Calypsonians for the Semi Finals of the National Calypso Monarch competition in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.