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Renowned Opera singer to perform at Peace Mo

Renowned Opera singer to perform at Peace Mo


She was sexually abused from age eight to sixteen, and now renowned Dominican born, Bronx raised opera singer Marie Claire is doing her bit to make a difference.{{more}}

Music lovers are in for two nights of soul stirring, captivating, opera singing when Marie Claire brings her pot of musical gold to the Peace Memorial Hall for concerts on May 3rd and 4th, in aid of the Lady of Guadalupe Home for Girls.

In a recent interview, Marie Claire, who is a close friend of Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves and his wife, told SEARCHLIGHT that she realizes how important it is for people to have all the support they need as they go through the challenges of life.

This, she said, is why the cause of the Home for Girls is a worthy one, because it will present another, vital support system for young females who need the help.

And for such a worthy cause, Marie Claire will be bringing the goods, she vows, as she incorporates her love for film and opera in the concerts.

The concert will take the mode of an aria: she will sing music featured in 14 films, while the trailers of the films are shown in the background.

The concerts are dubbed “Opera goes to the movies.”

For $50, patrons will be treated to performances by the former soloist at the Vatican, who sang for the late Pope John Paul II; an artiste who has graced the legendary Carnegie Hall in New York and an artiste who has performed with Morgan Heritage, Richie Spice and Barrington Levy.

Not to mention that she has a Master’s degree in Music, with an emphasis on Opera.

As she promoted her upcoming concert, Marie Claire also voiced her opinion on a couple of subjects.

She told SEARCHLIGHT that she was very concerned about the state of the world’s young people, and said that it was important that society gives young people all the support that they need as they navigate their way through the maze of life.

And as for the role of music, she acknowledges that music is very influential, and said that it could be a tremendous healing agent.

“Music is like one of the best herbal teas you can drink; a healing balm,” she said.

But while she concedes that music can be very influential, Marie Claire, however, strongly objects to any attempt to censor artistes’ expressions.

“All artistes have a responsibility to their craft, but their freedom of speech must be respected,” Marie Claire said.

In January, police authorities banned controversial Jamaican dancehall artiste Movado who was scheduled to perform in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

His propensity towards graphic, violent lyrics that more than describe, but rather encourage violence, was given as the reason for the ban.

“No artiste should ever be banned,” Marie Claire said.

She said that if a person is inspired to do violent acts because of the words of a song, the artiste isn’t the problem.

“What is the attitude of those who listen to the song?” she asked.

On a personal note, she is single and looking for a real man.

She said that she isn’t overly concerned about money or influence when she evaluates a suitor.

“A flower from the right guy is better than a diamond from the wrong guy,” she said.