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TOSS holds Heritage Pageant

TOSS holds Heritage Pageant


In an evening of beauty, class and splendour, last week Thursday, history was made at the Troumaca Ontario Secondary School (TOSS) when the institution held its first pageant in the 35 years of its existence.{{more}}

Seven students competed for the title of Miss Heritage TOSS. The goals of the pageant were to improve students’/school morale, heighten awareness and appreciation for local culture and history among students, and showcase students’ talents and to raise funds to contribute to the purchase of a modern water fountain.

The contestants made five appearances, which included an introduction in their school uniform, then in sports wear, professional wear and cultural wear, along with a talent and interview segment.

An award of a $50 voucher towards the book loan scheme 2008-2009 was given to each participant, as well as prizes for best performance in the individual categories, first, second and third place.

At the end of the evening, the crown went to 17-year-old Alisha Jack, who also won the sports wear and interview categories.

Nicole Samuel was second runner up; she also placed first in the talent category, while Ishanda Jacobs placed first runner-up and first in the cultural and professional wear categories.

The other contestants were Shewanie Masiah, Nicolyn Alexander and Jacintha Williams.

The TOSS is the oldest tertiary education institution in the North Leeward area; it was officially opened on January 15th, 1973. The school was built as part of an International Education Project, financed through the Ministry of Education of Ontario, Canada, with funds raised by school children throughout Ontario. $50,000 Canadian dollars was donated, with the building being constructed by local artisans using local materials. (AC)