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Crowd at Victoria Park fully cured

Crowd at Victoria Park fully cured


Almost one hour after his performance at the Victoria Park, reggae artiste Jah Cure was still at the venue signing autographs and taking pictures with the hundreds of fans who stayed back for a chance to meet the Cure.{{more}}

The Jamaican, real name Siccature Alcock, did not at any time appear to be going through the motions, but greeted the fans as if they were people that he had known before.

Taking time out to speak with SEARCHLIGHT, Cure indicated that his greatest pleasure was interacting with the fans on and off the stage. He claimed that for him this was the best part of being an entertainer.

“This is what I was born fi do: entertain, please the people and make them happy.”

And patrons were indeed happy, calling the show one of the best in recent times, although they were expecting a longer performance.

The show at some points took the form of a sing along, with those familiar with the lyrics of songs like ‘Longing for’, ‘Love is’, and ‘Sticky’, to name a few, helping the singer through his routine.

Naming lovers rock icon Beres Hammond as his mentor, the legend in the making, who got his stage name from another reggae icon (Capleton) turned emotional when performing ‘Reflections’, one of his hits that was recorded while incarcerated.

Busy touring the world since his release from prison in July last year, Cure said that he is looking forward to performing for a long time to come, and plans to work with any and everyone in the music industry.

“Me listen to everybody from all types of music, and I am willing to work with everybody, whether hip hop, R&B, Dancehall Reggae, everybody.”

The unique voice and lyrical ability of Jah Cure were not all that was applauded at Victoria Park on Saturday night.

Older reggae heads were treated to a trip down memory lane by veteran artiste Everton Blender, whose performance brought a balance to the night’s event.

The crowd of thousands was entertained by local artistes Justice and Abuza Nimah, who held their own with the international stars and gave a good account of themselves.