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Shadisha is Miss Thinking Day

Shadisha is Miss Thinking Day


As she blinked back tears of joy, Shadisha George accepted the accolade of Miss Thinking Day from Guiding Commissioner Althea Commisiong at the Peace Memorial Hall on Friday, February 22.{{more}}

Representing the No. 11 Kingstown Guide Company, George competed against five other young ladies and also bagged a well-deserved prize for Best Interview.

The contestants were judged in the categories of Talent, Interview, Alternative Guide uniform and Crowd Response. Shanique Browne, representing No. 16 Kingstown Guide Company, scooped Best Talent. She played the piano whilst giving an excellent rendition of the popular tune ‘No one’ by Alicia Keys. Best Alternative Guide Uniform was won by Aarion Baynes, from No. 1 Kingstown Guide Company.

In her closing remarks, President of the Junior Council and Show Coordinator Latoya DeRoche made it clear that there were no winners and losers in the pageant. Rather, it would be the selection of a contestant who could best represent the Junior Council in their activities to recruit more guides. Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT, DeRoche remarked that she was extremely pleased with the outcome of the pageant. “Guiding is really alive. I’m very happy!” she exclaimed.

Upon leaving the stage, Shadisha George could no longer hold back her tears. She had to compose herself before speaking. “At first I was fearful of what the competition might be about. Then I realised that it was about having fun and being a true Guide”, she told SEARCHLIGHT. George described her selection as being “…totally unexpected”, and that she is looking forward to assuming her role as Miss Thinking Day 2008.

Entertainment was provided by lively dance troupe Avenue Dance Juniors, who almost stole the show, and local artiste Landlord. (JSV)