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Patrons treated to an evening of music

Patrons treated to an evening of music



“The best music from our best…, our national treasures…” These words clumsily sum-up the elegant closing remarks delivered by our maestro, Patrick ‘Pat’ Prescod, who sounded the final note on “An Evening of Music”, presented by the Governor-General Sir Frederick Ballantyne and Lady Ballantyne.{{more}}

The evening of music was held at Government House on Saturday, 27th October, 2007, in honour of this country’s 28th anniversary of independence. The featured performers were Sean Sutherland, Andrea Gaymes, Antonia Pennola Ross, Addison Stoddard, Narissa Ballantyne and Courtney ‘Melody’ Williams; with Band Members Joeff Venner on Guitar, Joel Jack on Bass Guitar, Ashley ‘B.T’ Marksman on Drums, Bert Walker on Percussions and Courtney Williams and Sean Sutherland on piano.

The programme was divided into four (4) types of renditions; Classical and Standards, Inspirational, Popular Selections and a Cultural Package. Each section was greeted with rapturous applause from an extremely proud and appreciative audience in the packed hall. Such was the virtuosity, versatility and precision rendered by these youthful musicians that the Governor-General was moved to break protocol and address the audience during the intermission, where he acknowledged that what the audience was being treated to was on a par with performances delivered in the best international concert halls. These sentiments were echoed by the many music tutors and musicians who formed part of the audience.

As usual, the musical genius of Sean Sutherland took the audience to the epitome of classical dexterity, particularly with his performance of Franz Liszt’s ‘Rigoletto’ paraphrased on piano. Similar classical feats were accomplished by soprano Antonia Pennola Ross who is about to enter The Berkley School of music in Boston, and tenor Addison Stoddard whose singing career can be traced back to ‘Suede’, the St. Vincent Grammar School’s all male singing group of the early ’90s.

The beauty, control and passionate sensitivity displayed by sopranos Andrea Gaymes and Narissa Ballantyne testify to the care, expertise, with which their musical talents were nurtured by their alma mater, the St. Joseph’s Convent, Kingstown. And sixteen-year-old national athlete and Grammar School student Courtney Williams, an intense pianist, truly another multi-talented national treasure whom we must protect.

Specific attention was paid to our independence celebration in the performances of Alston ‘Becket’ Cyrus’s ‘St. Vincent and the Grenadines I love you’ and Kenneth ‘Vibrating Scakes’ Alleyne’s “Our Nation is born”. Needless to say, the audience eagerly participated in these rousing patriotic renditions.

The funds from this evening of music all go to the Children’s Welfare Fund for distribution to our pre-schools.