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Top performance by Kingstown Chorale

Top performance by Kingstown Chorale


The New Kingstown Chorale needs to take their production entitled “The Joy of Christmas” to the big city show biz lights of Broadway after giving locals a fantastic performance over the weekend at the Peace Memorial Hall.

The show concluded a year-long celebration of the Chorale’s 50th anniversary held under the theme “Rejoice, Give Thanks and Sing.” {{more}}

The voices of the members sounded as sharp as ever under the guidance of choir conductor, Jeanne Horne, who skillfully brought out every harmonious note from their diaphragms. The neatly dressed choir was nestled in a backdrop of clourful Yuletide decorations, which added aesthetic flair to the overall production.

The sound created by the masterful musicians was pleasant to the ear. They were an orchestra comprising chimes, guitar, flute and drums but most outstanding was that of the accompaniment of pianist Sean Sutherland.

The holiday feeling was intimately felt with classic overtures such as “Joy to the World”, “Deck the Halls” and “Oh Holy Night” that left waves of goose bumps through the audience.

However the unique cultural season was also felt with songs such as “Caribbean Christmas Holiday” performed by Artillon Hamilton and Cordelia Medjahed who were appropriately dressed up in a beach wrap, shades and sombreros.

A guest performance by Ron Browne brought hearty laughter to the audience as he reminisced on things associated with a “Vincy Christmas” such as sorrel beer, green peas and salted ham.

The young Choralites also brought some heart-warming renditions to the stage with their child like innocence as they hovered around baby Jesus in a manger and proudly held their letters in “Christmas Alphabet.”

For the audience the participatory feeling of being invited to sing the Christmas carols “Joy to the World” and “Mary’s Boy Child” made the gathering feel involved.

The event which was also punctuated with performances by the “Rythmix Steel Orchestra” ended with the song “Hap-Hap-Happiest Season” which the entire Chorale and Choralites rendered to the well entertained audience who gave a thunderous applause.

Notably recognised for their contributions to the development of the New Kingstown Chorale were founder and former conductor Patrick Prescod and the present conductor Jeanne Horne who took over 17 years ago.