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Poor performance by Waves

Poor performance by Waves


The enthusiastic audience that came out to watch the play “Deceptive Wages” by the Waves Theatre Guild, recently at the Peace Memorial Hall was deceived into thinking that they were about to view a well thought out presentation.

Instead the audience watched in horror as the actors and actresses who performed like amateurs embarrassed themselves by falling in and out of character and wondering whether they should go upstage or down stage in their performances.{{more}}

The play was based around the character Raheem Williams, played by Oswald Williams who was a cold blooded gun toting gansta and drug dealer in his younger days but went to jail and changed his ways.

The scene started out with Raheem encouraging two youngsters he met on the block to change their lifestyles and as he tells his life story he reminisces.

At certain points the effort to play different characters in the same play must be commended, but it takes great skill and professionalism to master this art and none of the performers seemed to have executed this.

The Waves Theatre Guild tried to use lighting and sound effects to enhance their presentation but it only ended up looking like a dress rehearsal rather than a performance that professional actors and actresses made to a paying audience.

It was explained that the curtain, which was left open for the audience to see every change of scene, was the director, Japanese Yuichiro Tomita’s way of doing something different.

But the advice to the Waves Theatre Guild is before they do all that snazzy show stuff is to get the basics right first. Keep in character, project the voice, perfect your stage movements and most of all…learn your lines!

The final performance in the National Commercial Bank’s Community Drama Fest is the Methodist Dramatist with their presentation entitled, “Stone,” which was presented last weekend.