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Trouble in the camp?

Trouble in the camp?


BuZz does not thrive on gossip, but there have been rumours that a quiet rivalry is stirring between Mega Super Star Beyonce Knowles and the talented Barbadian singer Rihanna whose real name is Robin Fenty.

The strife may be over Beyonce’s boyfriend of over five years Rapper turned businessman and Def Jam CEO Sean “Jay Z” Carter.{{more}}

It is believed that the indication of trouble became obvious in the lyrics of the songs “Unfaithful” and “We Ride” by Rihanna, which maybe directed toward 25-year old Beyonce. However, it seems that Beyonce is rolling back with the punches with new releases such as “Ring the Alarm” and “Irreplaceable” which stress that she wouldn’t be letting her man go that easily for another girl, but if he does leave, then he isn’t “irreplaceable.”

The 37-year old Jay Z signed the 18-year old Bajan beauty to his Def Jam Record company just over a year ago with her albums, “Music of the Sun “ and “A Girl Like Me” for which she has gained countless awards.

Recently Jay Z and Rihanna were on tour in Africa together which caused the rumours to escalate that Rihanna was Jay Z’s new lady on his arm.

The real question is, is all this “tit-for-tat” through songs just gossip or is it skillful marketing to increase album sales? Only time would tell.