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‘Shernicia’s Fashions’: Upcoming designer

‘Shernicia’s Fashions’: Upcoming designer


Standing at just four feet one inch, 19-year old Shernicia Myers is quickly becoming a giant in the fashion industry.

At the age of seven Shernicia was already making alterations and sewing her own clothes, by the age of nine, the Junior four student at the Georgetown Primary School was amazingly sewing suits for her teachers.{{more}}

The exceptionally creative lass admitted her first love was however painting and architecture but with her mother being a seamstress, she eventually began sewing and immediately fell in love with the craft.

With her mother later migrating to the US to provide a better life for Shernicia and her four siblings, she was left in the care of her aunt. The Georgetown resident remembers a happy childhood of being a tomboy who loved to rough and tumble with the boys riding bikes.

Growing up but remaining petite, Shernicia pointed out that it was difficult to find clothing to fit her frame and that she often had to alter children’s clothing to fit her.

She complained: “I was fed up with seeing my peers wear more mature clothing while I had to shop in the children’s section. So today besides sewing for myself I do a lot of work suits that are affordable for people in my community. Many of them are on a budget with their salary, so I charge a price that they could afford to look good.”

At 19-years Shernicia has already done three major shows, the most recent was at Bobby’s Restaurant and Bar last Saturday night in an event called “Divas in Colours.”

She owns her own business called appropriately, “Shernicia’s Fashions” and has a growing list of clients in places such as the Grenadine Island of Mustique who contract her to decorate their establishments with drapes and bedding among other things.

Describing her designs as practical but with a unique edge that makes a statement, the teen is saving money to pursue studies at the renowned Gibbs School of Design in the US.

She admitted that she is irked when people tell her that she should get a real job and explained that she is living her dream. She talked of opening a mini-mall where her clients can buy her clothing designs, of having an art gallery and a lounge where she can play the piano.

But illness at times slows down this 19-year old, however her bubbly personality and passion for life conceal the fact that she lives with asthma, rhythmic fever, sickle cell anemia and a hole in her heart.

In a very optimistic tone she revealed, “Sometimes I really get tired and sick but I don’t worry. I take care of myself and keep a positive mind and know that every second of my life counts and I am going to be the best that I can be. I just love to see people looking good wearing my designs.”