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More small Island videos needed on Tempo

More small Island videos needed on Tempo


A cry has been sounded by local viewers of MTV’s Tempo to see more Vincentian music videos in their programming.

On a recent morning show on Hot 97.1, radio announcer Too Kool Chris complained that Tempo only played videos from Jamaica, Trinidad and Barbados while other islands in the Caribbean seemed ostracized. Radio listeners to his morning show telephoned into the popular programme and echoed similar sentiments about the scarcity of local music videos and expressed hope to see more than just Jamaica, Trinidad and Barbadian videos being aired.{{more}}

Too Kool Chris also lamented that he only saw two Vincentian music videos, one from Kevin Lyttle and the other from Jamesy P, which were shown in the wee hours of the morning when most people were asleep and not viewing.

The veteran DJ questioned whether there was a problem of the producers and artistes of the smaller islands such as St Vincent not sending their videos to Tempo or whether the programming of the channel was only biased toward a few of the islands.

He called on the producers of Tempo to be more aggressive in allocating music videos from the smaller islands such as Dominica, St Lucia and Grenada so that the programming has a wider scope.

Efforts to get a response from Tempo were unsuccessful.

Tempo music channel was founded by Senior Vice President and General Manager, Frederick Morton with the philosophy of celebrating “all things Caribbean.”

The music network celebrated its first anniversary on November 4 and has segments such as Down Town Island, Pull-Up-Selector, Rise and Shine, and Cross Caribbean Countdown.

The station also focuses on Hurricane Preparedness and Caribbean-focused HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness messaging, through PSA campaigns and programming.