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New organisation established for local producers

New organisation established for local producers


An umbrella organisation aimed at ensuring that the interests of the local artistes, songwriters and music producers are looked after has been formed in this country.

Dubbed the Vincentian Organisation of Composers Artistes and Producers, VOCAPP the institution was established on Tuesday October 3 at the Peace Memorial Hall.{{more}}

VOCAPP, would ensure issues such as the payment of royalties and licensing for the issuing of music would be given to artistes, songwriters and music producers for their work whenever it is utilised.

Music Producer Mark Cyrus noted that having an organisation such as VOCAPP would also show international music labels that this country’s artistes are serious about the business they are in.

He noted that top executives from BMI music and Sony would be in the country from the 14-15 November and would be scouting for artistes that they could sign up. Cyrus also noted that while the first day would be a workshop with the international music representatives, the next day would be a showcase of Vincentian talent so that the music executives could see the best of what this country has to offer.

The studio producer noted that record labels such as BMI have some $15 million in funding ready to help artistes, songwriters and music producers but they need to hand it over to an organisation, and not just one individual, hence another reason why establishing VOCAPP was crucial.

Minister of Culture who was also in attendance also urged artistes, songwriters and music producers to ensure that they enhance their talent since it could bring them a profitable livelihood.

She emphasized: “We have to get serious if we are talking about having a music industry in St Vincent and the Grenadines. When the BMI and Sony music executives come here they must know that artistes in this country know what they are about. They want to be blown away by the talent they find here and we have to give it to them”.

Baptiste also pointed out that with the formation of VOCAPP artistes would realise the importance of doing things such as giving credits to writers, producers and arrangers who help them with their albums. The Culture Minister also noted that how an artiste carries himself or herself is very important to marketing their product or image and should never overlook details or even what goes on their albums.

BMI and Sony music executives would be scouting throughout the Caribbean beginning in St Lucia from the October 28-29, Trinidad & Tobago October 30-31, St Kitts and Nevis November 3-4, Antigua & Barbuda November 12-13, St Vincent and the Grenadines November 14-15, and Jamaica November 16-17.

The interim VOCAPP Board of Directors in the Songwriters association are: Christopher George, Curtis Williams, Mark Cyrus, Edwin Johnson, Gary Young – Convener of Board, Willis Williams, Kenneth “Scakes” Alleyne, Adrian Bailey and Armstrong Williams, while Lennox Bowman and Joel Providence would stand in as advisors.

Producers who have been nominated are: Kenneth “Scakes” Alleyne, Willis Williams Enos Penniston, Adrian Bailey and Mark Cyrus as Convener.

The Collective Management Board of Directors has Kenneth “Scakes” Alleyne, Adrian Bailey, Earl Paynter, Geoff Venner, Bernard Joseph, Christopher George and Pablo Samuel as the writers. Glenroy “Sulle” Caesar as the Government appointee and Franklyn Edwards and Jemmot Anthony as the publishers while Andre Liverpool and Earl Paynter would be the neutral representatives and Mark Cyrus would be the Advisor.