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Local Fashion model attacked by intruder

Local Fashion model attacked by intruder


Fashion model, Melissa Solomon, is now recuperating after being viciously attacked by an assailant who sneaked into her bedroom early Monday morning.

According to reports it was around 2 o’clock that morning that Solomon’s uncle heard noises and got up to check. On passing Mellissa’s bedroom he heard a tumble and faint moan behind the locked door. He knocked on the door with the hope of getting a response.{{more}}

He was however alarmed by the rumbling coming from the 24-year old’s bedroom, and after pounding on the door, and getting no response from his niece he realised that something was amiss.

By the time Melissa’s uncle entered the room the assailant had jumped out from the top floor of the three story Queens Drive house and disappeared.

He however left behind in Melissa’s bedroom a plank and a knife from their kitchen.

Melissa, who was a headliner at the recently concluded Fashion Caribbean event on the weekend, suffered several wounds to her head and her left eye was blood shot and could barely be opened after the attack. She however is recuperating well from her ordeal and thanked everyone for their support.