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International model scout visits St. Vincent

International model scout visits St. Vincent


The co-founder of arguably the premier Caribbean modeling agency says that exceptional success in the modeling industry is almost certainly joined at the hip with a super sized ego.

Kingsley Cooper who in 1982 give birth to Pulse model agency in Kingston Jamaica said that it is the same with other careers but the often swift ascent to stardom makes people in the modeling industry’s egos bloat to astronomical proportions.{{more}}

Pulse model agency has discovered and propelled the very best models from the Caribbean including Jaunel Mc Kenzie, the world’s no1 black supermodel. Nadine Willis, the Vogue and Gucci model, the fastest rising supermodel in history is also in Pulse’s stables.

Cooper admitted that the pressure associated with the industry leads many young ladies down the road of drug addiction. He and his team at Pulse however seek to offer the guidance and support systems that are crucial to their lasting success, even when their modeling careers’ have long ended. Financial management is also made available to the girls.

Cooper was in St Vincent recently as part of his company’s search for the Caribbean’s next super model. Pulse has been auditioning girls from through out the region who would compete in a reality TV series that will be aired in January.

Former Miss SVG contestant Natasha Harry will leave St Vincent next week to represent this country in the competition. She got the pick from three participants in the local casting call. Cooper told Searchlight that he was impressed with her presence on stage and personality.