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Digital, Platsman in Heineken DJ Finals

Digital, Platsman in Heineken DJ Finals


D.J. Digital and D.J. Platsman rocked the huge crowd at Black Point on Sunday August 2nd and were unanimously selected for the Heineken D.J. Green Synergy Finals.

“I am looking forward to the Heineken Green Synergy Finals this year. I have my own C.D. player and I would be practicing hard for the finals,” said D.J. Digital.{{more}}

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people of Byrea for their support. I am truly happy with my performance and I am ready for the finals,” said D. J. Platsman.

“The Heineken Green Synergy D.J. Competition is playing a critical role in building the image of Heineken throughout the Caribbean and we are leveraging these events through a diverse mix of media to reach thousands of music loving Vincentains.”

The Heineken Green Synergy D. J. Competition moves to North Leeward this weekend with a massive boat ride via MV Jadent from Kingstown to Richmond beach where the D.J. Competition will be held.

On October 28th 2006, the Heineken Green Synergy Caribbean D.J. Competition Finals will take place in Nassau, Bahamas.

Heineken lager is the world’s most international beer brand and is marketed by St. Vincent Brewery Limited in Campden Park.