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Digicel Rising Star airs tomorrow


Digicel will this year be bringing another exciting Digicel Rising Star show to Vincentians.

The show which airs this Saturday on SVG TV, will feature the singing talent of contestants who on July 22nd auditioned at the Peace Memorial Hall.{{more}}

Marketing Executive Juno DeRoche noted that over 100 persons auditioned and judges Vynette Frederick, Brian Alexander and Adrian Bailey later narrowed down the talent to 40 and later to the top 10.

DeRoche announced, “Viewers will see how Digicel SVG arrived at the top 10 persons and from there they will have two weeks to make a decision as to who two contestants would go forward to represent St.Vincent and the Grenadines from seven other countries and hopefully bring back another rising star.”

The Digicel Marketing Executive emphasized that viewers can see the top 10 Digicel Rising Star contestants perform on Sunday night on SVG TV and select their favourite singer by texting the digits that appear on TV screens beside their names.

The Digicel Rising Star contestants are competing for the chance to win a cash prize of US$10,000 a Management and also a Publishing contract.

The 10 finalists in the Digicel Rising Star show are: Kyron Baptiste a 22-year old entertainer from the Grenadine Island of Bequia; Patrice Bascombe a 19-year old student of Arnos Vale; Jillian Charles, a 29-year old self employed Bay Hill resident; Nicholas Duke, an 18-year old journalist of Glen, Edwin “Son-J” Johnson, a 35-year old herbalist, Stacy Lyttle, a 23-year old typist clerk of Paul Over; Danielle Alexandra Ollivierre, 21-year old student of Sion Hill; Jason Providence, a 21 year old musician of New Montrose; Nerissa Sandy, a radio announcer of Lowmans Leeward and Danielle Veira a 16-year old student from Mc Kies Hill.

Last year’s winner of the Digicel Rising Star competition was Kiokya Cruickshank of Rillan Hill.