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‘Soul of Fire’ heats up Paradise Inn

‘Soul of Fire’ heats up Paradise Inn


“St. Vincent was the inspiration for the line.”

This was the declaration of Brooklyn-based designer Norman Josey after his Lockdown International’s presentation of “Soul of Fire”, his and co designer Ricardo Lorrick’s 2007 Swimsuit Collection which they unveiled last Saturday, August 5, at Paradise Inn, Villa.

A small, but appreciative crowd, received the array of swimsuits and other fashion pieces spliced into the show as presented by a collaborative modeling cast from top local agencies Mijé and Image.{{more}}

Josey who has been in the fashion business for some 30 years, told SEARCHLIGHT that the beauty of St. Vincent, the birds, and soulful colours evident all around the island is what squeezed out his creative juices, bringing this collection to life. They are now hoping to expand their New York-based business throughout the Caribbean, starting with St. Vincent. “There is so much that could be done with swimwear designs,” explained Lorrick adding that this 2007 Collection was designed to be appropriate for the beach, a pool and “even straight to the bedroom.”

The designing duo also sang high praise for the models who worked the runway. Lorrick, originally from St. Vincent, described them as “spectacular” and Josey added that the talent he saw on the runway was “designed to run.”

St. Vincent can now look forward to Lockdown International’s Grand Wedding Explosion, which is soon to be held here, showcasing between 40 and 50 wedding gowns. And if Josey has his way it will be the Image and Mijé models that are again set to wow the audience with his, and his partner’s designs.