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Allegro dancers “Triumph of the Spirit”

Allegro dancers “Triumph of the Spirit”


If you were always a dance enthusiast, I am pretty sure your love for the art form was renewed over the weekend when the Allegro Dance Company staged three nights of dance entitled, “Triumph of the Spirit.”

The show, which was held at the Peace Memorial Hall, saw persons turning out in their numbers to support the dance group. Salsa and group dancing were some of the main attractions at the show. “Ooh’s and aah’s” echoed throughout the building when the dancers kicked up a storm.{{more}}

It was nothing short of brilliant – quick movements, coordination and flair – the whole works! But perhaps the highlight of the show was the dance drama entitled, “In the Shadows of Fate.” The show highlighted a young girl named Cammie played by Tenielle Austin. Cammie was going through a series of problems in her life – areas of physical abuse, torn relationships, and temptation were at the forefront of the dance drama as Austin played the role to a “T.”

President of the company Jackie Jack said that she was very elated to have pulled off such an event, which took months of planning and practicing by the dancers. She expressed her sincere gratitude to David “Darkie” Williams who wrote and directed the play. Jack went on to say that the play came at a much-needed time because of some of the social ills plaguing young people today.

The Allegro Dance Company was established in 1995 and specializes in ballroom dance among other things.