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Triumph of the Spirit opens tonight

Triumph of the Spirit opens tonight


The Allegro Dance Company is promising three nights of spectacular theatrical production on August 4, 5 and 6 at the Peace Memorial Hall entitled, “Triumph of the Spirit.”

President Jackie Jack noted that the presentation, which has a cast of 15, is skillfully plotted into two Acts.{{more}}

The first would be a dance presentation, which will take the form of a praise and worship show, and the second half the form of a drama.

She said that the drama, which was written and directed by renowned playwright David “Darkie” Williams, tells the story of a young girl aspiring to become a professional dancer.

Giving Searchlight a sneak peak into the presentation, Jack noted that the young dancer goes through traumas but eventually overcomes.

Jack encouraged theatre lovers to view the show, which she described as inspirational. The Allegro Dance Company President said that her group also sees itself as a club filled with young people who love God and witness his love to others through dance.

Jack explained, “We don’t get caught up in which denomination or church you belong to. We believe that Jesus is Lord of dance and he is our ultimate choreographer because he made our bodies. Dance is a wonderful experience and we enjoy creating movements and putting it to music and finally seeing the sequence evolve into a beautiful production,”

The Allegro Dance Company’s production “Triumph of the Spirit” begins tonight August 4, continues Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 from 8 p.m.