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Spotlight on Shivern this Sunday at Miss Universe

Spotlight on Shivern this Sunday at Miss Universe


If her exotic looks don’t win the judges over at the Miss Universe pageant, her strong personality will.

At just 21 years old, Shiverne Peters, this country’s representative at the Miss Universe Pageant is already making her mark as one of the hot picks for the prestigious pageant. She has already done her segment for the swimwear and interview. As you can tell from this snippet of the very interesting one-on-one chitchat, Shivern is just being herself and that seems to be the key to her winning people over.{{more}}


With the Miss Carival crown to her credit, Shivern isn’t a newcomer to the world of pageantry and can be considered one tough cookie at this juncture.

Her being well-opinionated and smart, plus her aura of strength aren’t the only attractive facets of her personality, everyone who meets her would tell her that she is a natural dramatist. Now it’s your turn to meet her…

Q: How would your friends describe you?

A: My friends always say that I’m a fun-loving and down to earth person, with great passion for life.

Q: Tell something about your childhood dream?

A: My childhood dream was, and is, to become a successful mechanical Engineer. I am currently awaiting a response from Limkokwing University in Maylasia where I hope to study Information Technology, I will then do a post graduate degree in the engineering field.

Q: Can you share with us your beauty secret?

A: There is nothing like a warm smile to bring out the beauty within, no make-up on this earth can do what a smile can do.

Q: What is your favourite part of your body and why?

A: This is a question that deserves a totally honest answer from me, so I would have to say my derriere. I was once told by a photographer that for such a petite person, I am quite “bootylicious.”

Q: What’s inside you bag right now?

A: In my bag right now I have my face powder, lip liner, lip gloss, my cell-phone which I cannot live without, my ID and my wallet.

Q: How would you define beauty?

A: To me beauty is more about how a person feels about herself and himself than what they look like on the outside. I have noticed that there are people who are not traditionally beautiful but their personality outshines everything else and they appear to have a natural glow, and people always want to be around them. To me this kind of person is truly beautiful.

Q: What were your reasons for entering the Miss St.Vincent and the Grenadines pageant?

A: I was a tomboy growing up, but my family and friends always thought that I would do well on stage and in pageants. They encouraged me to enter the community beauty pageants and when I did, I simply fell in love with the stage. After that, when I saw the advertisement for Miss St.Vincent and the Grenadines pageant it just seemed natural for me to apply and take part.

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