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Party patrons who attended the HOT 97.1 show dubbed “Scandalous” on Saturday, July 1 at the Arnos Vale Hard Court got downright nasty.

Radio Disc Jockeys: Brown Sugar, Too Kool Kris and Jude the Cool Dude warmed up the crowd with hit after hit, and the local acts followed.

Homegrown talent like Urban Mystic, Sexy Sugarz & DJ 20, Skarpyon and Solomon Gates all gave good accounts of themselves. The heat was turned up another notch when Non-Fiction and Rusty did their magic and got the crowd jumping, while the return of Bomani to the band HS Phaktor got the fans “Wet”. As usual, Fireman Hooper a.k.a. the ‘Chosen One” also brought the house down with his antics.{{more}}

But the Scandalous Award must definitely be given to guest performer of the evening, Trinidad and Tobago’s Soca King, Machel Montano. From the word go, Montano had the crowd in a frenzy as he gyrated and ground in slow and fast motion. He laid down some of his own tracks and easily flowed into Hip Hop, Reggae and back to Soca music.

At several points he commanded the ladies to grab his privates and the few that got the opportunity to reach out and touch the phenomenal entertainer seemed to be captivated. Montano’s behaviour however received a loud negative jeer from the crowd when he insulted one of the ladies at the show.

A young lady who apparently could not reach up to the stage grabbed Montano several times on his leg and even reportedly pinched him. Montano was seen apparently scolding the young lady off the microphone about three times before finally rebuking her on the microphone.

Montano lashed out to the over-enthusiastic patron that he had asked her not to pinch him so roughly on several occasions and that he was not going to ask her again. He said that he didn’t know if her skin was like a crapo, but that he had smooth and delicate skin.

To add insult to injury, the Trinidadian Soca artiste then told the young lady that he would stomp her in the face if she pinched him again and told her “besides yo not too pretty either.”

This led to loud booing from the partygoers, but Montano kept on going and the crowd proceeded to party.

But after the show, some patrons expressed their disgust to Carnival Buzz, one man chanted, “I can’t believe Machel come here and insult Vincy woman so, if he wanted to tell the young lady to stop pinching him he could have done so better. He was asking the ladies to grab on to his privates and one lady grab on to a foot and pinch him and he got mad because of that. I believe that as an entertainer he could have handled the situation better. He don’t have no right to insult she so.”

Another patron in making a comparison between Montano and Vincentian Kevin Lyttle pointed out that someone in the audience pelted a bottle at Lyttle during his performance, but Lyttle did not retaliate but continued his performance.

She recalled, “That is to show you how we does treat we own, we pelting bottle after Kevin Lyttle, who only bigging up the ladies and Machel come here and insult we. Not because Kevin ain’t make another “Turn Me On” hit yet, Kevin didn’t even lash out at the person he just continue like a professional. We not supposed to make no artiste come in Vincy and insult we so!”