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Princess Shaz wins Junior Soca

Princess Shaz wins Junior Soca


There must be something musical going on in the interior windward district of Evesham, and the John family is part of it. In 2003, Hance ‘De Man Hance’ John won the Soca Monarch title with his rendition ‘Heat it up.’

In 2006, his niece Shazique ‘Princess Shaz’ John, a Dr. J. P. Eustace Memorial student, brought glory to the family with the Soca title. Her rendition “J’Ouvert” was enough for her to secure the judges’ nod. This is her first year in the competition.{{more}} Princess Shaz proved her versatility in the calypso version with “Welcome to my homeland.’

Ryan Abraham under the stage name ‘Tweeter,’ a St. Vincent Grammar School student placed second with ‘Blaze up the fire.’

He was very generous in his analysis of the competition and praised winner Princes Shaz.

“I am glad for the winner Shazzy,” Inferno said. He is from the south leeward district of Rillan Hill and commutes between there and the Vermont Valley where he has close family ties. A large cast of flag waving and uniform clad supporters bedecked in blazing red T-shirts supported him.

Man Zangie placed third ‘Carnival time.’

The band Akcess, led by Junior Sutherland provided musical accompaniment for the Junior Calypso and Soca segments.