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Juanita launches new cosmetic line for Carnival

Juanita launches new cosmetic line for Carnival


Juanita Ackie-Cary will make history in St. Vincent and the Grenadines when on Sunday July 9 at the Sunset Shores, she becomes the first Vincentian to launch her own cosmetic line called “Demure by J”.

The Union Island native who has been residing in the United States for years has been receiving excellent reviews for her brand which is being distributed at Walgreens and other department stores throughout the US.{{more}}

The new line is also now available in the Caribbean and a wider distribution is anticipated.

Speaking with the Searchlight Newspaper, Ackie-Cary announced, “My make-up line, “Demure by J” also called “Demure by Juanita” was developed by an experienced team of cosmetologists from the US. My products range from lipsticks to face powders, concealers, cleansers and moisturizers among other things. A lot of women have sensitive skin that is irritated by harsh chemicals in their make-up, but my products are made from natural herbs, minerals and vitamins.”

“Demure by J” can be purchased in St.Vincent and the Grenadines

at Ackie-Cary’s recently opened store called “J’s Beauty Supplies” which is located at Rose Place in Kingstown.

Persons can learn more about the cosmetic line launch “Demure by J” by attending the product launch this Sunday from 5:30pm at the Sunset Shores.

For more information contact telephone numbers 530-4523 or 485-6434.