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Fashion Fever

Fashion Fever


“ Thrilling!” “Fantastic!” “Wow!”

These were only some of the superlatives that burst from an appreciative audience who witnessed Fashion Fever, the first ever children’s fashion gala at the Peace Memorial Hall on Sunday, July 2.

The event, organized by the Image Dragon’s Club, left an enthused audience mesmerized by the creative flair of the youngsters.{{more}}

Some patrons were even convinced that Fashion Fever was “magic” evolving from the creative bunch as they strutted gracefully on the catwalk, giving every indication that there is a wealth of talent to come from the next generation of young models.

The event saw youngsters ranging from age four to 13 years showcasing their talent and creativity.

The 11-section, well-packed presentation saw the lasses bringing their raw and untamed talent to the stage in lines, Bratz, Island Girls, Surfer Dudes and Split Personalities in the first segment.

But the event’s highlight was the revealing of Section 6, Floral, showcasing exquisite pieces of intricate embroidery modeled by the junior girls of Image modeling agency.

Some of the girls, who would for the first time, grace the stage of the much-anticipated Fashion Caribbean later this summer, opened every segment with well choreographed, poised movements, attracting applause from an impressed audience.

Dressed to impress, the girls certainly brought life to their pieces, setting ablaze the relaxed Sunday evening mood at the Peace Memorial Hall.