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‘Dead Man’s Chest’ opens today

‘Dead Man’s Chest’ opens today


Although this country is in the middle of Carnival, it will also be celebrating the release of Part 2 of the Walt Disney Blockbuster movie, “Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Man’s Chest” which was partially filmed here.

The incredible actor, Johnny Depp returns in the sequel as the half-drunk, yet witty Captain Jack Sparrow and finds himself yet again fighting the supernatural forces of pirates of the past.{{more}}

The movie plot depicts Captain Jack owing a blood debt to the legendary Davey Jones, ruler of the ocean depths and captain of the ghostly “Flying Dutchman.”

The drama intensifies when Jack tries not to get cursed into an afterlife of eternal servitude and damnation like some of his fallen pirates.

Although Johnny Depp is one of the main stars in the film, local artiste Winston “Iston” Stanley Lewis is excited about his small role as an oarsman for the Governor of the Trading Company.

Speaking with Searchlight Newspaper, Lewis said that he is proud to get his 60 seconds of fame and believes that it will not only be promotion for himself but for his country.

He voiced, “It is always good to be in a movie with professional actors like Johnny Depp, some people said that they saw my face in the movie trailer so I am looking forward to see if I am there.”

He continued, “The movie is really good for St. Vincent and the Grenadines because it puts us on the map. Just to know that the movie was filmed in this country and is actually a big seller, really gives us a good send-off around the world.”

Reflecting about his small role in the movie, Lewis confessed, “My most memorable moment was rowing in the rain because we had to work in all that rough water, it was really exciting. In the long run I believe that the movie will do something good for my career in the movie business. It might be a couple of years before I get in another movie, but who knows it could be tomorrow. You know, if I don’t make it in the music business I can always make it in the movies.”

Walt Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Man’s Chest” opens in theatres in the United States today.