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Crowds call for Rus-T

Crowds call for Rus-T


This is his first year in the entertainment arena, but he has taken the industry by storm. Anywhere he goes he just asks the crowd: Way me name?” And everyone responds Rus-T.

He is originally from the North Leeward Town of Chateaubelair, but he grew up on the urban district of Ottley Hall.{{more}}

He is an imposing character for a 19 year old, and in the space of three months he has emerged as one of the most popular artistes for the season. There is hardly a show without Rus-T.

Born Kenroy Baptiste, he attended the Carapan Secondary School. But it was not until the Jiggy Jiggy experiment last year undertaken by the Up Town Alliance that Rust-T came to light.

“Is Jiggy Jiggy where I get known. Shane pick me up. He link me up with some money for me to go into the studio,” Rus-T said.

He admitted to having been influenced by Jamaican singer Vybz Kartel.

He added: “All I do is try to mek up rhyme. I have about 70 songs,” Rust-T said.

He is taking his new found respect in stride. “I like it. Seems like they love me,’ he said.

He has at least four songs getting regular airplay. He is optimistic about his chances of breaking into the big arena this year and predicts: “Ah tell meself I go geh the Road march with “Ah Rus-T.”

Life has not been all smooth with the artiste. His father Kenneth ‘Scholar’ Michael died in tragic circumstances. But there is nothing that is daunting him. ‘When carnival done I going back in the dance hall,” Rust- T declared.