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Casynella participates in CTO event

Casynella participates in CTO event


Casynella Ollivierre – Miss SVG 2005/Miss Carival 2005 officiated at the Caribbean Tourism Organisation -CTO – States Government Annual Ball at the World-renowned Waldorf – Astoria Hotel in New York earlier this month.

Under the terms of the Agreement with the Minister of Culture – a special provision was made for the winner of both titles – Miss SVG – Miss Carival 2005 participate at CTO events in New York.{{more}}

Minister Baptiste sought to find a real role for Miss Carival at regional events so that St. Vincent and the Grenadines can get true marquee value and visibility as a Culture and Festival destination with great entertainment potential.

Miss Carival 2005 participated at the Caribbean Fair at our National Tourism Exhibition and presentation booth.

Ken Isles and Son, part of the Culture Entourage to Caribbean Fair performed creditably at the cocktail reception at the same prestigious event at the Waldorf and played for the 2 – High Fashion Caribbean Weddings, specially organized for the CTO/Caribbean Fair, among other events.