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20 in line to take Fireman’s Crown

20 in line to take Fireman’s Crown


Fire Man Hooper might have to dig into his reserve tomorrow night if he wants to reclaim the Soca Monarch title, as he is down to face stiff competition from 20 artistes who are out to claim his crown with their big soca tunes.

And if last Sunday night’s Semi-Finals is an indicator of what is to come tomorrow night at the Finals it shows that no one artiste will easily walk over the others.{{more}}

Following the Semi-finals, 18 soca artistes earned the right to challenge Fire Man Hooper but the Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) after consultation with the judges decided earlier this week to increase the number of finalists from 18 to 20.

The CDC, in a press release issued on Tuesday, July 4, stated, “in light of the exceptional high standard of competitors in content, performance and public appeal” the decision was taken to increase the number of artistes that had made it to the finals.

The artistes that will challenge Fire Man Hooper are: Skarpyon, Icon, Man Sick, Lawyer Boy, Alla-G, Fimba, Shaunelle, DJ 20, Steady Gan, Mad Roy, Dennis Bowman, Poorsah, Zola, Sexy Sugar, Rus T, Busta Ski and Sunny Banks. Reserves Ras X and Ras Okra have now been given a chance to challenge Fire Man Hooper also.

The artistes’ performances at the semi-finals were brilliantly exciting.

It was a fine performance of skilful lyrics mixed with dynamic antics.

Patrons at Sunday night’s show were well entertained by crowd favourite Rus-T. Just the mention of his name sent the crowd into a frenzy. Also, artistes such as Sexy Sugarz who dropped the lyrics “what de gal dem want ah told yuh”, Ras Okra with the hit tune “Fire In The Hole”, Dennis Bowman’s “Push Back”, and Mad Roy’s “Pig In Ah Bag” kept the energy going at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Car Park. Mad Roy told a story of a girl named Mary who gave him a “pig in ah bag”. This song had the crowd roaring with laughter as they gyrated to the beats of the song.

Though Sweet 16 with the song “Bussing Wheel-E”, Fat Head with “Gwan Tease Me” and Lady D with “Stop It” did not make it to the finals, their songs will be remembered for their fun-filled sensational lyrics which only added to a splendid evening.