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‘Lawyer Boy’ looks for final pick

‘Lawyer Boy’ looks for final pick


Lyndon George, popularly called “Lawyer Boy” is confident that he will book his place in the Soca Monarch Finals when he clashes with some 34 artistes on Sunday night in the action packed semi-finals.

He has tried to escape the name, but fate has it that George must be called “Lawyer Boy”; and after weeks of trying to come to terms with the name that fans across St.Vincent and the Grenadines have given him, he is now ok with it.{{more}}

Simply, the fans love the name, his style, and his flare. George is hoping to make 2006 a memorable one while exploring his hobby.

A lawyer by profession, George has taken the airwaves and parties throughout the length and breadth of St.Vincent and the Grenadines by storm with his hit tunes “Soca Anthem” which took off from day one, “In the Party”, “Wind for the Lawyer Boy” and his latest rendition “Rise Up”, a collaborative effort with New Song winner Aretha Shallow. After an intense rivalry in the new song competition, that was staged in May, both artistes have joined forces to show everyone that people should rise above their differences.

SEARCHLIGHT caught up with George at Pier One Bar and Restaurant on Tuesday and the artiste was just bubbling with excitement over his debut achievement in the Soca arena.

“Initially, it was just for the love of creating music that I went in the studio and recorded a song. Honestly, I never expected things to go so far but because of the encouragement of Lennox Bowman, Land Lord, Alla-G and Elegance, I decided to give it a shot,” said George.

George admitted that though his hobby has not taken away anything from his professionalism, it has taken away from the time and energy that he has to put into his office.

He has signalled that his aim is to set the trend of music in St.Vincent and the Grenadines and take it to a new direction.

“I want to thank all the radio stations and DJs who have played my songs and Sound Domain Studio for allowing me to grow into my own this year,” said George, as he enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere at Pier One.