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Kiddies Carnival on for tomorrow


“Let the young masqueraders have their jump up at Kiddies Carnival!”

This is the plea being sounded by Chief Executive Officer of the Carnival Development Cooperation, CDC, Ashford Wood.

In an interview with the Searchlight Newspaper, Wood warned non-masqueraders to refrain from jumping up with those masqueraders who have paid their money to parade in their costumes. He pointed out that police security, as well as security from the various Mas bands would be around to ensure that this request is carried out.{{more}}

The CEO said that after the 13 bands leave the Victoria Park and descend onto the streets, they expect masqueraders to get their money’s worth and not have to worry about persons invading their band.

Masqueraders in the 5-9 age group and the 9-13 categories of the Kiddies Carnival show will parade on Saturday July 1st at the Victoria Park from 1:30pm and then move onto the streets for the jump-up around the capital.