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Digicel nelson block ready for 2006

Digicel nelson block ready for 2006


Digicel Nelson Block seems once again ready to be champions of the Mas with their presentation for 2006 entitled, “Conquerors.”

Speaking with Searchlight Newspaper, bandleader Freddy Finch, said the nine-time Band of the Year title holders will be portraying 12 sections.{{more}}

He noted that the theme was in sync with group’s reputation for being winners and will depict ancient conquerors of the past.

Finch boasted, “Digicel Nelson Block has been around for 23 years and we only once held the fourth place position. The other times we held the top three positions.”

He credited the dedicated team of workers who toil into the wee hours of the morning to complete the costumes, and the loyal masqueraders for supporting Digicel Nelson Block.

Encouraging masqueraders to register now, the bandleader noted that the costumes were selling fast.

Finch emphasised that the costumes this year were light and with little or no feathers.

He explained, “People want to be able to dance and prance in their costumes. They don’t want them to be too heavy. We also took into consideration that we are in the rainy season and didn’t want to use too many feathers.”

He however noted that the use of colour in the costumes would be unique and that they would be bringing fantastic floats this year.

The sections in the presentation Conquerors are; Athena, Carthage, Centurion, Elizabethan, Geisha, Mongol Horde, Pa-ri- the Fan Bearer, Royal Shield Bearers, The Yanks, Vestal Virgins and Viking.